December 12, 2022
4 min read

Kraden Vault: Secure File Storage

Secure file storage feature that lets you store all of your important files, create notes, and even take photos directly from the app.

Ross K.
Security Expert
At Kraden, we always look for ways to improve our app and provide our users with the best experience possible. We're excited to announce Kraden Vault as a secure file storage addition to the Kraden app. From today, you can store all of your important files, create notes, and even take photos directly from the vault. Everything is in one place and secured with AES-256 encryption (Click here to read more about it).
Let's look at the key features integrated into Kraden Vault and how it can improve digital privacy.

Secure file sharing

To continue improving our ecosystem, we decided to go on a path that would revolutionize the way files are shared on messaging platforms. By default, you would use a messaging platform, chat with your friends and family, and at some point, you'd download a photo. It sounds like not a big deal, right? However, most apps would send the image to your local device storage and keep it there. With this move, your photo or file is instantly accessible to hackers that hack your phone.
How is it different on Kraden? All your files will go directly to the vault secure file storage when sharing files. The storage is on the Kraden app, meaning files are not exported to your device. The vault has multiple-level security, such as AES-256 encryption, and prevents hackers or unwanted persons from accessing your files. Only you, having a key that decrypts the files, can preview them whenever you want.
Also, you can share all your files from the vault directly to your contacts, not needing to access your device files.

Notes, folders, and camera capture

When making the vault feature, we wanted to ensure we got everything necessary. Let's start with the plus button on the vault's homepage.
By clicking the plus button, you will be able to perform these actions:
  • Create a note
  • Upload a file from your device
  • Create a folder
  • Capture a photo

Create a note

Notes are the best place to drop down your quick thoughts or save important information. Whatever is out there you need to store as a text is safe and sound. You can share the notes with others, rename, delete or even export them to your device as a file.

Upload a file from your device

Do you ever think of securely storing files that are not yet on Kraden? Upload any file from your device directly to Kraden Vault. No more risks that hackers can hack your device files as they will now be on Kraden, with its security and unbreakable safety system.

Create a folder

When thinking of massive vault storage, it is essential to ensure that your files can be accessible at scale. We've prepared an infrastructure that enables you to manage your files, add them to folders, and reorganize stuff the way you imagine it.

Capture a photo

Got a memory you want to catch? Or something significant that can be captured on a camera but still is very valuable and can't be shared anywhere else? The answer is there: on Kraden Vault, you can securely capture everything directly from your phone's camera. All the images will automatically appear on the vault without uploading them from your device.

Multi-select actions

With many experienced and security-first users on the platform, Kraden Vault is created with advanced actions in mind. If you're sharing multiple files at once or even looking for bulk reordering, starring, and deleting, we have you covered. There are all of the tools you need to organize the file storage the way you imagine it.


In conclusion, Kraden Vault is a secure file storage addition to the Kraden app that offers many useful features for improving digital privacy. With AES-256 encryption and multiple-level security, Kraden Vault allows users to safely store and share their files without exposing them to the risk of being accessed by hackers or other unwanted parties. Additionally, the app offers features such as notes, folders, and the ability to capture photos directly from the vault, making it a versatile and convenient tool for managing digital files. There is no better solution to explain something than trying it out yourself (Click here).
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