March 16, 2023
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What Is a Remote Wipe? Remotely Delete Your Phone

A remote wipe is a remote deletion of data from a device without having the device physically. Remote wipes can run on mobile phones, desktops, etc.

Ross K.
Security Expert
One of the hardest aspects of remaining in full control of your data is remote control. Being able to manage your data from a distance is a great innovation that adds much more security to how you can operate. One such remote control feature is the remote wipe. In this article, we’ll focus on the remote deletion of data on your phone. We’ll see how it works, what are the ins and outs of this technology as well as discuss how Kraden implements it. So, let’s begin!

What is a remote wipe? How does it work?

Remote wipe technology has been around for a while. The earliest implementations were used in large organizations with significant IT departments. They allowed remote deletion of data from company-owned devices. The technology has evolved since then and is now available to more users. It is most useful wherever it concerns your most sensitive personal info, hence – on operating systems and of course, social media, as well as messenger apps.
A remote wipe is a remote deletion of data from a device without having the device physically. In most cases, it refers to deletion of data from a mobile device, but remote wipes can also be performed on desktop computers, laptops, and other devices.
There can be quite a few different methods for remote wiping. One of the more practical and simple solutions is a dedicated website or a dedicated access point where you enter a code or a passkey and trigger the remote wipe. The service server then triggers the deletion of data and once your device connects to the internet, your data should be wiped as planned. The key is to have the device, which you’re trying to wipe, connect to the internet. In the past, it could’ve been more difficult, but these days, our phones probably spend 90% of the time connected to the web, hence remote wipe works quickly and effectively.

Benefits of remote data wiping

There are many benefits to remote data wiping. The first and most obvious benefit is that you can erase your data from a device if it’s lost or stolen. This is especially important if you have personal information on the device that you don’t want others to see. Or if you have something business-related that might be beneficial to your competitors or could harm your business.
Another benefit of remote data wiping is that it can help protect your privacy. If you have personal information on your device that you don’t want others to see, remote data wiping can help erase that information. If circumstances in your life or surroundings change, or if you’re facing pressure to disclose or show private communications, having the option to wipe data remotely is greatly appreciated.
Remote data wiping can also help protect your identity. If someone gets their hands on your personal information, they could potentially use it to steal your identity. By remote wiping your device, you can help prevent this from happening. Finally, in countries with stricter rules on censorship or a lack of freedom of speech, remote wiping can help keep you out of trouble. If at work or from home someone decides to confiscate your device, you can use this feature to protect yourself.
There are other benefits to remote data wiping as well, such as peace of mind and the prevention of data breaches. If you have remote wipe enabled on your device, you’ll know that your data is safe even if you lose your phone or it’s stolen. And if a data breach does occur, having remote wipe enabled can help minimize the damage that would be done.

How does remote wipe work on a Kraden messaging app?

As Kraden seeks to solidify its status as the world’s most secure messenger, having the remote wipe feature seems like a no-brainer. You can instantaneously wipe all of the data on your Kraden account, server, and device by visiting
Each user has a separate, individual code for remote wiping. The code consists of unique and memorable words that can be used later on the website. Kraden users can access their code on the app by going to the remote wipe settings.
This particular feature provides the most hands-on data management experience. To have full control over your privacy, you should remain in control even when the circumstances change for the worse. Even in situations when your device is lost, stolen or threatened, you can quickly trigger the remote wipe and defend yourself from unwanted risks. If your device isn’t connected to the internet, the Kraden server will trigger the wipe next time your device establishes a connection. But what about when a device won’t go online for a very long time? Well, we’ve thought about that too, and have it covered. For prolonged periods of time without an established connection, inactivity wipe is triggered on the device, as well as the server.
Once you trigger the remote wipe, the action cannot be reversed or undone. Remote wipe is permanent, and you’ll need to re-purchase a new subscription code. This is the only way we can ensure genuine privacy and security for both our new and more experienced users.


So, to sum up – in case of a threat arising or when you are separated from your device, you can initiate a remote wipe. This action will remotely delete (wipe) all of the data on the targeted device. This is a great measure to prevent data leaks due to human error or whenever your device is stolen or lost.
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