July 14, 2022
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How to Make an Anonymous Call From Your Phone?

Anonymous call is a solution for calling that lets you stay hidden and majorly improve security. No more intercepted calls or leaked confidential information.

Povilas M.
Security Expert
Having the ability to make an anonymous phone call is great. Whether you're trying to relay private information or share something in privacy and secrecy, there are ways to do so. In this article, we'll talk about making an anonymous phone call. We will discuss the set-up, preparation, and execution. Let's begin!

Burner phones

One way to make an anonymous call is to use a burner phone. A burner phone is a prepaid phone that can be used for temporary purposes and then disposed of. This is a good option if you don't want to use your own phone or if you don't want the person you're calling to have your number.
To buy a burner phone, go to any store that sells phones and purchase a prepaid phone. These can be found at most convenience stores, drug stores, and electronics stores, but it depends on the country. It's best to pay by cash because if you order online, it's easier to trace the phone back to a person.
Once you have the phone, activate it by following the instructions on the manual. However, this method has almost 0 flexibility as your options are very limited and you need a new burner phone every time a new matter arises.
You can read more about burner phones on our blog (Click here).

Masking your caller ID

If you want to use your own phone and don't want the person you're calling to have your number, you can block/hide your caller ID. This will show up as anonymous on the other side. There are features on your phone settings to help do this, or you can buy a private number service.
Such a service can hide your number from the recipient's smartphone, but it will still show in reports and other documents as you are subscribed with a carrier and they are usually required by law, to keep such records of your activities. So privacy in this case is really, very limited. There are other drawbacks, too, such as not being able to receive SMS, using only a single number, and so on.
Dial *67 to mask your phone number. If you want to make a one-time anonymous call, you can use *67 to hide your caller ID. This code is universally used to disable caller ID. Just dial it before the phone number and it should hide your phone number.
As recently as 2018, the NSA was collecting over 400 million phone records annually. That's just in the USA, alone. Using a private caller ID can help you add at least a tad bit of security.

Designated apps

A third way you can make anonymous calls is by using an application. There are many different applications available on the App Store and Google Play Store which can do that.
However, these anonymous call apps are not similar at all. They have various features and use cases. Some are more versatile than others and it's really a lottery, trying to hit the jackpot. This option reduces convenience for regular calls but can be worth it if you have no other option.

VoIP communications

The main problem with regular phone call surveillance is the fact that your phone number is usually associated with your subscription to a carrier and their services. Even if you hide your caller ID on the phone, the service provider still has to transmit communication signals from your device to another device, so records still exist. This can be tackled by turning to VoIP comms.
VoIP stands for Voice over IP and it uses the internet to transmit phone calls. So, instead of using a phone line, your call is transmitted over the internet. This has several advantages:
  • It's much harder (if not impossible) to trace the location of a VoIP user, especially if they're using a VPN and/or proxy.
  • There are many VoIP services which offer anonymous calling features, such as burner numbers, private caller ID, and so on. It's all in one place
  • Most VoIP services are much cheaper than regular phone calls.
  • In addition, you can make the most of P2P connections to establish a very secure channel between you and the recipient or a group of individuals to communicate fluently and effectively.
Speaking of P2P connectivity over the internet, there is a solution that can give you the best of both worlds in anonymous calls and totally private messages.
If you're looking for a solution that will give you complete anonymity while also ensuring military-grade security at all times, you should consider using a P2P messenger with end-to-end encryption, just like Kraden. Our app connects the users directly, without any 3rd party server monitoring or direct involvement and allows you to communicate in total privacy.
By the way, if you take your digital security seriously, in one of our articles we've talked about making your phone untraceable (Click here). This concerns more than just phone calls. If you want more anonymity and personal data protection, give it a read!


When it comes to anonymous calls, you have several different ways you can go about it.
The most common and probably the easiest way is to dial *67 before the phone number you want to call or enable the service on your service provider. This will disable caller ID on the other side. However, your phone number will still show up on records kept by the service provider.
If you're looking for a more versatile solution, you can use one of the anonymous call apps from the application store. These have different features and some of them are more useful than others. So - it's risky.
For the most privacy-conscious individuals, we recommend using a VoIP/WebRTC service like Kraden. With Kraden, you can make anonymous calls and also send anonymous messages on a P2P connection, without ever having to worry about your privacy or security.
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