March 19, 2022
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What Is Anonymous Messaging? Anonymous Messenger Explained

Anonymous messaging is a way to send messages through anonymous messaging apps or websites without revealing your identity or information.

Povilas M.
Security Expert
You don’t need to watch hundreds of hours of documentaries to know that social media and online companies are doing their best to gather as much of your personal data as possible. In the past, people sent letters with the hope that whatever secrets they wanted to keep would remain confidential. But that’s not the case anymore, is it?
Nowadays, most common apps store your messages, collect info on what you say, how you say it, etc. But is there a way to keep in touch with people without being at risk of company monitoring? Enter anonymous messaging.

What is anonymous messaging and how does it work?

Most messaging apps or social networks require you to complete a sign-up process. During it, quite a lot of your personal information is required. This helps the social media company or the messaging app more than it helps you. Most of that information isn’t vital to the service, it’s just more convenient for the social network to find streams for ad revenue. Sometimes the data gathering is exploited for unethical financial gains or influence on the masses (e.g. Cambridge Analytica scandal).
Meta’s Facebook Messenger and Instagram are actually very keen on obtaining your private info. It helps them profit off of ad targeting. This data isn’t essential for communication, only for the corporate benefits.
A lot of people are really exhausted from this and just want a fuss-free way to freely communicate without personalization, ad interference and other forms of monitoring. Hence, anonymous messenger apps were created.
Anonymous messaging is a way to send messages without revealing your identity. It can be done through an anonymous messaging app or through a website that allows anonymous posting. The key feature of anonymous messaging is that the recipient(s) of your message(s) will not be able to identify you. If only you introduce yourselves or they are aware of who’s messaging them, can you be identified.
In short, it’s when you communicate with others digitally, without having an account that’s associated with your personal data.

What is truly anonymous messaging?

There are at least a few different ways to send anonymous messages.
  • You can create a fake account that’s not associated with your person. That’s fun but doesn’t build any tangible and genuine communication value.
  • You can use services such as free online messaging services. But they’re slow and don’t allow you to receive and fluently communicate. They’re only good for sending.
  • You can get a burner phone and send anonymous SMS. But doing so is super time consuming and requires financial resources.
The best way we can think of is installing an anonymous messenger app. You can use an anonymous messaging app, which won’t require a lot or any of your personal data at all. Your name, surname, address, e-mail address, date of birth – all of these aren’t required to ensure digital communications. However, only a handful of messenger apps can genuinely offer anonymous and secure communication.
If someone promises you more privacy and security, take it with a grain of salt. Double-check to see whether there aren’t any hidden tricks or fine print which will demand personal data later on.
When you send an anonymous message, it is sent and received, but it can’t be traced to you personally. Instead, the message is sent from an account that’s not associated with your person whatsoever.
Benefits of anonymous messaging:
  • Ensures maximum privacy.
  • No censorship.
  • No risk of data leaks.
  • Avoid annoying ad-targeting or cold emails, etc.
  • No one you don't want can find or get in touch with you.
  • Share discreet or sensitive info with confidence.

Why end-to-end encryption is important in anonymous messaging?

End-to-end encryption is important in anonymous messaging because it secures your messages from being intercepted by anyone else, including the anonymous messenger app itself.
When you send a message with end-to-end encryption enabled, only the sender and receiver will be able to read them. No one else, not even the anonymous messenger app, will be able to see your messages. This is important because it ensures that your messages are kept private and their contents are encrypted for everyone else, except the person who sent and got them.
Most common social network messengers are guilty of storing your messages on their digital servers. They do that excessively and if your data is leaked or a hacker accesses their database, what you said and sent can be leaked and seen. If your messages are end-to-end encrypted, a hacker will only see a cipher that needs to be decoded. Depending on the cryptography used, the time it takes to decrypt can vary.
In the case of our solution, messages are encrypted using the state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption (Read more here). Even a single word can take years of reverse cryptography to decrypt, hence it is physically impossible to do so, ensuring that no one can do that.

The go-to choice for sending and receiving anonymous messages

If you want to use a truly secure and anonymous messenger, choose our software.
It utilizes enterprise-grade hardware and industry-leading software cryptographic and digital security solutions to offer a smooth user-experience around fully private, end-to-end encrypted communications.
Every message that you send is end-to-end encrypted, including the files, audio messages, images or anything else that you might send. During sign-up, not a single data point of your personal information is required, hence 100% anonymity can be ensured. Subscribe using crypto and have absolutely nothing associating your personal information with the app.
Furthermore, if the risk of exposure arises or the risk of data leaks, you can remotely wipe everything on your account, or even enter in a special duress code to delete your entire account and prevent damages. Our servers don’t store any personal info as well. Add in your contacts, chat with others, exchange content and do everything confidently.


Anonymity online is within your rights. Most apps and platforms ignore this right because it’s easier for them to turn a profit from tracking and exploiting your personal data. However, anonymous messaging is available on a select few platforms around the web. You can subscribe to our solution and communicate with others without having to share any of your personal data.
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